What is plantable seeded paper?

Our items are printed on 100% recycled paper embedded with live seeds! So when you are done with the card you can plant it in soil and watch it grow!

Do they actually grow?

Yes!!! They really do grow! Seedlings only take 7-21 days to appear! Refer to our planting guide for more details or check out our seedlings on Instagram @dukecreations_

How long do the seeds last?

The seeds will last up to 4 years. However, not all the seeds in the paper will remain viable for the same length of time, they don’t all suddenly lose viability at 3 years and 364 days! There will be a gradual tailing off, the longer the paper is kept, the fewer seeds will remain viable. Much the same as buying a packet of seeds in the shop, they have a ‘sow by’ date.

Should I use a specific pen to write on the paper so it is safe for the garden?

Any writing materials should be fine as these days the ink inside pens only contain very small amounts of toxins. However if you're wanting to go the extra mile, we recommend a pencil or pens with soy or vegetable based inks. 

Are there regulations for Australian interstate postage?

WA & TAS customers, please note that there are quarantine regulations when importing seeded paper into your state. This may incur an inspection fee. Duke Creations take no liability for this fee.

Do you sell in store?

You can purchase our Duke Creations plantable products in person from our stocklists.

How do I become a stocklist?

Please contact us at dukecreationss@gmail.com or DM us on Instagram @dukecreations_ for wholesale pricing and processing times.